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Getting Started

The process to access your nightly statistics can sometimes prove to be a little confusing as the login and password you need to use isn't the most obvious choice. This article aims to straighten things out a bit.

So you click on and a window pops up asking for a username and password. What username? What password? Arrrrgh!


  • If you’re not sure what the correct username is, or you haven't created a stats user yet, go to Site Statistics in the Panel. This will allow you to add stats users or change their passwords.
  • Once you've hit "Ok", you should be able to see your stats within a few minutes by entering the username and password you configured there.

That was easy, right?

If you want to give somebody access to your stats but don't want to give them your Web ID and password, you need to set them up with a login. To do this, simply visit and click on the "add . From there you can add as many people as you need to.

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